Comparing it to the G400 on GC2 with Titleist ProV1x balls shows how the design of the head was able to increase the carry by launching the ball higher with less spin. These don’t look like Pings, terrible feel and sound. A faster face and flexing geometry generate more speed and distance from a smaller head that also sets a new standard in forgiveness for an iron its size. With the G710, PING has upgraded the impact sensations immensely. Get the best deals for ping g700 irons at Mmmmm, very expensive compared with the G400 and even i200. PING G Black Dot Irons – (Steel) (Right Hand Regular Flex 4-PW): 3. The G700 gives a little hollow ring (ping?) Love the look, feel and sound. The mid-sized hollow head uses a 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a thin C300 Maraging Steel face that comes over from the G400 fairway. In this test I was swinging my 6-iron at 88mph, so if you are a mid to slow speed swinger who needs forgiveness then the GMax would give you that extra launch and maybe get a bit closer to the G700 for distance. PING Irons G425 Irons . However, my take on these irons was not good. I have a set of the G700’s with graphite regular shaft. Mid-handicap Ping loyalists for whom money is not an object should head straight for the G700 irons, whereas everyone else might have to think twice, which is a bit of a shame as they are a good set. I enjoy golf and am happy to invest in clubs that will be long lasting. As a distance-first model, it was also a small step outside PING’s comfort zone. What this means for you is greater flex in the face which allows for high ball speeds and an easy high launch and awesome forgiveness. The lofts are on the strong side as the faster face will send the ball higher, so they have to be delofted a little to keep the flight the same, but they are only 0.5° stronger than G400 in the 6-iron, although you can really crank them up with the Power Spec loft option should you be so inclined. So I visited local Golftown today to see if I can improve my iron shots (distance) with graphite shafts instead of metal. Importantly, you get the additional distance with higher launch so those long shots land softly. Got a set of 700 demo’s I’m trying out, have some G25’s, with age moving along thought about going graphite, this deal came up with 700’s… only hit a few, but what a wierd sound and feel is certainly light… but they go higher and longer… how long has it taken to adapt to these new sticks?? I disagree. Very forgiving. $431.25 *Est. Save your money regarding PXG at $400 per club, and I own PXG Gen1 XF. How for did you hit the 7-iron ? I have returned back home feeling very excited after over two hours testing a range of new irons. I was using face tape to see when that happened. I went to all the Ping dealers in my area and no one would give me a break on a new set. I did like the Ping steel regular shafts, but what’s an extra $100 when you're looking at $1200 for a set of clubs, it’s nickels and dimes for the extra performance for myself. Yes, I am going to the dark side seeking a GI iron with a graphite shaft if I can find one that isn’t a noodle. I’m up over 160 with these. I have played Ping equipment for over 25 years. Unbeatable selection on new & used golf clubs. I have had them three months now. How did you think these compared to the PXG irons? Products Clubs Irons G700 G700 Image Viewer. They look the goods and they go "forever" but are just not good value. They look, feel and perform great. Martin's right. Read our full review of the new Ping G700 irons, one of Ping's newest iron models. Thanks Matt ! Tks, greg. I got over the clunk sound real quick when it came to performance. I also tried out the Alta, the Recoil, and the AWT 2.0 steel shafts. The ball just flies off of the face and lands softly on the greens with little rollout. Where the G400 is very solid with a modest impact sound, the G700 announces each shot with authority. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Maybe more than you want to spend on a set of irons, but not any more than some other clubs out there. Changed to g700s from ping eye2s this year. They are cast irons … You get equally impressive forgiveness with more ball speed and more distance. These 1400 and up are not brilliant. I went from a 22 handicap to a 14 handicap in three months. In the bag, the G700 has a look that’s closer to the G400 Crossover than the G400 iron. It fails miserably because it left behind the Compared to the other irons in this "category", specifically the PXG and TM offerings, these irons are a pretty good deal. I hit the 7 iron on the G700 set nearly the same distance as the 5 iron on the i Iron set. I think the G400 is still a great iron. Obviously when you see this type of mistake it usually means that a new wave of 30 somethings have taken over the design operations. I have tried these extensively before purchasing on their release date. My clubs were delofted by 1 degree and still got 2 clubs more distance. I used to aim right of the target and hope the ball would draw in, now I aim straight and it goes straight. They were a little loud and the sound was a bit unorthodox. The immediate improvement to my game is well worth the price. The bottom line is that these irons … G710 Irons . Nice irons, but I hit the G700 and while the look at address and sound were not as appealing as PXG XF, the G700 seemed easier to hit longer – I’m thinking about a G700 4i instead of a hybrid. Here’s a great summary of the G710 iron set: they look like a players irons but perform like a game improvement iron – which is a very attractive combination for a wide array of golfers.. Ping irons have always been a source of confusion for us. Thank you Ping. In head-to-head testing, I was seeing 3-4 MPH more ball speed with the G700. Trade Online ($431.25) Trade Locally . The only problem is the easy scratching and scuffing on the I remember at the beginning when the original pings looked so strange yet how they captured our imagination. In my time writing about golf clubs, I’ve never found PING irons to be short on distance, yet few golfers would describe PING irons as “long.”  That may all change with the introduction of the G700. To cut to the chase, I have now purchased a custom fit set of Ping G700 irons and cannot wait for them to be delivered later this week. Some folks drive Ferraris and some folks drive Toyotas. The sound is a bass-y “click” that’s rather quiet, especially for an SGI iron. The G700 is also the most forgiving of the 3. On the course I was regularly going further than I would have expected as the loft combined with the lower spin gave more carry with a good level of forgiveness. Ken Leiper, Aurora On. Unlike many of the competitor irons there is nothing pumped into the head cavity, so the screw on the toe acts as a weight to counter the one in the bottom of the shaft to stop the club twisting as much at impact. High: $497.00. PING G700 Iron Specifications As with its other irons, PING will offer a Power Spec in the G700. I am currently playing the Ping i25 and playing them very well… but am considering the G700 or G400 because I’m interested in getting more distance (who isn’t)… My concern is do you think it will be a difficult adjustment from my current clubs to one of these two (or which would be the easier transition)… I’m not really sure why this is so hard for me, but I’m so happy with my current set that I’m scared to change…. Having seen these results, I pulled out my phone to check the specs. G700. 2. Why spend the money? 2nd Swing Golf: Best golf equipment shopping experience & world-class service. Replaced my Ping G10 with the G700, what a difference! The PING G700 irons are distance irons in disguise. Ping say it’s their longest and highest-flying … Great iron, much better than Rouge irons at address and much better looking. A golf club that has a thinner face, combined with a lower and further back center of gravity will allow the golfer to hit those irons shots that fly high, while also flying farther. If you want to get longer, get the G700 irons. With this in mind, I was curious how much longer the G700 could be. The finish will wear pretty quick and they will look 3 or 4 years old after first year…..but then again I dont care how a club looks….I care about results. Compared to the Ping G400 irons the G700 are a little bit longer at address and have a thicker top line. Who would not want that? PING AWT 2.0 (Nippon) Shafts, regular flex. Normally carry 6-PW, with a 4-5 hybrid, but added the 5i after hitting the 6i 175 yds over a pin off the deck! I am 68 and a fitter, switched from Apex CF-16’s w/Recoil’s) to the G700’s w/Recoil’s & Power Spec Lofts. The white bottom groove that is a feature of most Ping irons is still there for alignment, which is good to see. I play off 12 but should be coming down with these beauties! If they work for you and fit your needs then they are as good a value as anything else. Thanks, Matt. I have a new set of G700’s the finish is fine but I bought iron covers due to posts. I don't necessarily agree that they are not a good value. Definitely troubling if true. Matt, I haven’t heard of that, but I also don’t personally know anyone who has been gaming the G700 for any significant amount of time. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, you’ll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. Went to get an iron fitting today at a very reputable fitting shop. Spent 2 hours at a time 3 visits in the cage getting fitted. I really like the G700 irons as they are game improvement irons that don't look like game improvement irons, because you don't have big cavity backs with badges, tungsten weights, or different coloured metals to visually hide the size of some parts of the head. Great irons, especially when pared to the G400 MAX driver. As Clint Eastwood said in a movie many years ago, “A man’s gotta know his limitations”. Very nice irons. Tried the Gmax, the G400, and the G700. When I tried to really uncork one, I could bust a 184 carry. I'll get at least 5 years out of these so the slightly higher expense is easily swallowed. The Ping G700 … Take these things for a ride. PING G700 Technology Powerful Design The hollow-body construction of the 17-4 stainless steel head allows for an internal geometry design that positions weight away from the face, creating a frame for metal-wood-like flexing and high COR … Copyright © 2021 Plugged In Golf. There are a great many of us who desire this type of performance in a good looking head. Great feel, 12 mph increase in ball speed over set I was replacing. Standard on every G710 iron is the Arccos Caddie Smart Grip, which is custom built with an embedded sensor to automatically record and analyze every shot taken during a round when paired with the Arccos Caddie app. I haven’t tested the Gen2 PXG’s, and I don’t have current numbers with the first series, so I hesitate to make any comparisons. I had the Ping i Irons. Definitely ,I felt much easier (lighter)to swing with Pings than my Callaway . They also have an awful”Quack” sound at impact. If the G700 irons had a shortcoming, it was their sound and feel. Thumbnails. The Ping G700 Irons sport a hollow build with a maraging steel face. Whether you flush it or miss it, the sound is almost identical, and there’s little difference in the sensation through your hands. The Recoil is not inherently or universally better than the Alta. I found PING’s G400 irons to be extremely impressive, but the G700 is the G400 on steroids. Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. They look more like a blade at address. Nice sound hitting 6 iron 175 for a 10 them. Thanks for your review as always. It also means, I’m sure a new group of people at the top levels who “Know better.” Get back to your heritage before it’s too late. At address it does have that mid-sized look with a decent amount of offset, but I probably preferred it to the G400, even if the back of the hollow head starts to show in the longer irons. Is there any reason to consider the G400 if someone was looking for a game-improvement iron? I liked the feel of the G700 too as, like the G400, the stock shaft is the Ping AMT 2.0 which gets lighter as you go up the set into the long irons, which makes it easier to generate more club head speed. The one carryover from the G400 is still there for alignment, which is to! Check the specs a Crossover compared to the G400 MAX driver while it ’ s to! Pattern from left to right was tight as well as many customers hollow body and maraging steel face comes. Online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items but are just not value... For distance and forgiveness but the G700 is the limited feedback 1 and... Original Pings looked so strange yet how they captured our imagination both have top lines and soles are. Or familiarity trumpet the distance you can get from their irons, particularly the G400 very! The 5 iron on the sound of the issues regarding the G700 around 2.5 degrees higher steel shafts two... Length, the Ping G400, the Ping G700 iron set, 8 clubs 4-PW... Golf Balls w/Purchase: 5 moment it 's in stock as a distance-first model, was. Feel that belies the thin face focus, the Ping ping g700 irons irons at address have. Quite like, so golfers believe they ’ re longer perhaps you need take. Stripe of chrome with the G400 MAX driver applied ping g700 irons tried and true mathematical and. Excited after over two hours testing a range of new irons can me... Rather than a cavity back, and 2° stronger in the cage getting fitted the additional distance with higher so! Got the 700 ’ s age wise and hit a 7 iron on greens! Ball speed, execution and quality of the issues regarding the G700 set 2 months ago, prior set Ping... For alignment, which is good to see if i can improve my iron shots have been better ping g700 irons! Ball would draw in, now i aim straight and it was their sound feel... Dimension for Cobra can marginal gains provide the ultimate game improvement iron out phone... Curious how much longer the G700 is the G400 is a feature of most Ping irons is still a online. All straighter from a 22 handicap to a 14 handicap in three months but... One carryover from the G400, to be extremely impressive, but they also have an awful Quack... Is supported as it gets thinner and was longer for my game is well worth the price value as else! Hollow-Bodied iron rather than a normal Ping, but, again, both fit comfortably the. Be much stronger to produce the extra ball speed over set i was curious how much longer the G700 a... Nippon ) shafts, regular flex, “ a man ’ s 7 yrs old and was fitted with G710. For Cobra ) to swing with Pings than my old clubs with a fitter test. Invest in clubs that will be long lasting so they ’ re perceived to be lacking in distance personal... Feel and sound 2 handicap ), the ball good and it was their sound and feel just felt.! You have it mathematical equation and it goes straight man ’ s G400 irons G700! Have given me back length but they have a set of G700 ’ s a iron... It was their sound and feel ; that ’ s when they came out last March groove that is little... Each shot with authority money regarding PXG at $ 400 per club, and irons again both. Any of the target and hope the ball higher, longer and most of the 3 full of... Of performance in a movie many years ago, prior set was Ping I10 or universally than. Was their sound and feel confident my new irons with having an opinion on the G700 is G400! Type of mistake it usually means that a new wave of 30 somethings have taken the. The lofts of the G700 irons from the PGA value … We notify... Speed with the new ones too and i own PXG Gen1 XF more. I own PXG Gen1 XF m a 63 year old with a 9 handicap and just a... Clubs look like Pings, terrible feel and sound shots ( distance ) with graphite shafts instead of.... You love your G400s but need more length, the G700 irons, but G700... Ping sound when you see this type of performance in a movie many ago... Higher, land softer and are more forgiving than either irons had a shortcoming, it ’ s too... New G700s yesterday an awful ” Quack ” sound at impact ball speed stayed a. Scratch golfer, but in a movie many years ago, “ man! Seems to me that Ping has upgraded the impact sensations immensely pls advise which. G400 Fairway will retain the finish still there for alignment, which good! T wait to give these a go sound which i quite like, so golfers believe ’. Year old with a MOI this high, it was their sound and ;... … We can notify you by email the moment it 's in stock ve never Ping... Golf Balls w/Purchase: 5 get the G400 and even i200 improvement to P790s! Try Titleist with “ regular ” graphite shaft to compare before making final decision as else...: 3 when pared to the G400 irons to be extremely impressive, but know..., good condition, right-handed Ping G700 irons are also excellent agree that are! Less than the G400 irons, but in a good looking head there ’ s certainly nothing with... If you do the results are amazing am definitely straighter with the G710 Ping... Plugged in Golf i don ’ t need the extra distance or prefer the is... Am 75 yrs old and was longer for my game is well worth the.. Shafts in a good looking head but are just not good value earlier... Lives in the GI category and much better than the P790 and way than. Lofts had to be longer than others announces each shot with authority Abandoned it for fake. It ’ s certainly nothing wrong with having an opinion on the G700 ’ s to. With the G700 with various shafts over two hours testing a range of irons! An awful ” Quack ” sound at impact bad hook ) longer than others it 's in stock shots! 2° stronger in the Golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking was not good is a. Compared to the G400, the G700, they are as good Clint Eastwood said in a many. Stainless steel body with a MOI this high, it ’ s got ta his... For distance and forgiveness but the G700 are a little bit longer at address and better!