2. By TheSpeedhunters. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. He didn’t get very far. “The only thing we broke on the twin Buicks dragster that whole season was a quick change rear end that sawed itself in two at one race. Ivo made his last pass in the four-engine car at the 1982 NHRA Finals at OCIR and was honored by NHRA's Steve Gibbs (below) afterward. It weighed more than a ton and a half. www.throttlextreme.com. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. www.throttlextreme.com. In the late 1950’s actor turned drag racing Tommy Ivo built one of the wildest dragsters of all time: a 4-Buick-engined dragster nicknamed Showboat. Free shipping for many products! BUILDING TIPS *Start by building frame & front axle all together as a 1-piece unit. From United States. Debuting in the first game of the series, Sonic the Hedgehog, he was shown attempting to collect the Chaos Emeralds and turn all of the animals inhabiting the land into robots. Even though it was powered by four fire-breathing Buicks, it was not competitive due to its weight and drivetrain configuration. He drove the car back to the starting line, jumped on top of the car, took a pair of BBQ tongs and set alight his driving gloves with one of the portable propane track driers. The car held the Drag News AA/GD et record at 8.69. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Limited edition item. Pellegrini made exhibition runs at the 1961 Nationals in Indy. “Had I have never built that four-engine car, I may not have ever stood the test of time to be remembered today,” he reasons. In the late 1950s, Ivo raced a twin (side by side) Buick nailhead-engined dragster which was the first gasoline-powered dragster to break the nine-second barrier. A fan favorite, AMT memorialized it in model kit form, in two different colors, no less. So, because they weren’t having to busy themselves with something not as fun as working on the car, they had lots of time for other important tasks, like rat hunting in the Cicero city dump (“No, no — not the Garlits ‘Swamp Rat’ kind,” he clarified. Watch the ONLY Known Video of the Shelby Mustang GT-350’s First Win! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I came up with a couple of ideas to make the booking negotiations easier and get brownie points from Buick Motor Co. We are a full time Hobby Store Located in Massachusetts. So that became my first ride in the car. Subject to one of the most historic NHRA crash finishes of all-time with TV Tommy walking away unscathed. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!”). Anyway, after the tour completed in Biloxi, Miss., Pellegrini and four of his friends bought the twin car and open trailer from Ivo for $5,000. With four Buick V8 engines strapped to the framerails, Ivo's all-wheel drive dragster was a true marvel. Who? Debuted at the '74 NHRA Winternationals by TV Tommy. • In 1974, Ivo debuted his swoopy Sikora-built rear engine dragster, with enclosed front wheels and a huge rear wing. “One of my favorite stories is when Billy Herndon, who owned the track in Tampa [Fla.], advertised (see attachment) the car’s appearance at Tampa Dragway as the World’s Fastest Dragster. Jan 4, 2014 - Visit the post for more.. . Yeah, right!!! Pellegrini is sticking by his version: “I remember talking to Don when I came to get the car and how disappointed he was that he was not going on tour,” he maintains, “but that turned out to be the best thing for him as he ended up with the Greer-Black-Prudhomme ride and his accession to his fame. Brand New. Tommy Ivo's Four-engine Dragster Older Post Home. You know — hop up the motors (the only ‘speed’ thing about SpeedCraft), put a dropdown panel on the rear of the front seat to stash their shotguns and machine guns out of sight until needed, and switches to kill the rear tail lights while leaving the headlights on when being chased by Lord knows who. Showboat was a multi engined all wheel drive dragster that was not only fast but put on one hell of a show at the strip. And who could blame them? Guest Blog: Tony Thacker>> Tommy Ivo’s 4 Engine Awd Drag-monster. GMP 1:18 Dragster Tommy Ivo Four Engine Dragster- Ltd Ed of 5000: Reviewed by: Bill Bennett : If you had to describe “TV Tommy” Ivo with one word, that word would be SHOWMAN pure and simple! Exhibition Dragster Engines: (4) 454 CU. Pellegrini had Ivo’s gasoline credit card to fill the tow rig. These cookies do not store any personal information. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. No one ever called me the sharpest knife in the drawer.”. The Showboat was the feature car at the 1961 Nationals at Indianapolis, and Pellegrini made exhibition passes every day. Nice! #(13) (Many More Ivo, other Race Cars / Cars & HOT Celebrity / Babe Photos at Dragracinglove 2 … We went into a second printing in the second month out. (My writing is usually limited to fiction, and much of it can be found here.) I had planned to write a season column recap column that would auto-post Dec. 27 but that was before I broke my leg playing hockey earlier this week that put me out of action. You can guess who resides in the Tampa area and took offense at the proclaimed title of World's Fastest. Use a Revell TOMMY IVO'S SHOWBOAT FOUR ENGINE DRAGSTER for donor kit. “I somehow always knew I should stay away from that 3,500-pound four-engine Sherman tank,” he says. Ice .. Barry: Only 100 were produced that year making them very rare. In 1961, Ivo created a beast that drag racing has never again seen the likes of. the 8's, was also the first gas dragster to run over 180 MPH.The Ivo twin has been in the Don Garlits Museum for several years. TwoToGo's trribute to TV Tommy Ivos' twin engined dragster. You could say that Pellegrini stayed in a lot of motels along the way. Detail shot of the paint work on Tommy Ivo's front engine slingshot dragster. All four wheels put power, about 2000 horsepower, to the ground. Mutual friend Tom McCourry, who had been helping on the car, was then offered the seat. 4 - sets are needed #SC-56 Parchute Assortment Pack (for dual parachutes) #SC-103 Drag Racing Driver Figure. Tommy" Ivo built a twin-Buick gas dragster and in 1960 was the first drag racer to make a nationwide season-long tour. “I had the distinction to be the first one to fire Prudhomme!” Ivo noted, with a “happy Ivo-type grin” thrown in. When asked about the shoes I told the people that it was to get a better feel for the car. (not to be confused with the OTHER inline dual engine dragster of tommy's) This one is, LONG, 63 photos but not too much reading The Twin Buick V configuration was built in Kent Fuller's Shop in 1959 on Woodman Avenue in Sherman Oaks, CA Box in good condition, figure in near mint condition. The pre-story begins in 1960, the year before the Showboat first turned four tires on the track. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. “Problem is I took a brand-new pair of driving gloves and burned them up. kit is part of revell/monogram ssp program from 1995. brand new factory sealed. .. How Not To Load a Ford F-350 on a Trailer, This 1966 Honda CB160 Poco Bastardo Replica Flaunts Gold Chain, Make Your Ride Memorial with The Best Helmet Camera, Havoc Motorcycles Iron Flight: Mike Tyson Special Edition. (Ivo remembers him getting the car from him in Texas and presented the photo at right, as evidence.). But that wasn’t enough. Traveled with a two car trailer with full length glass windows and his push car Corvette mounted on top. Because he hated doing the required porting of the cylinder heads, without telling Pellegrini, Ivo took the four heads off the twin and replaced them with four stock heads so he’d have a headstart on his next project, a four-engine car. I thought we'd sell 10 of them and get eight of them back. Passings of original NHRA DD Darwin Doll, car owner Dale Creasy Sr. add to 2020 toll, 89 questions about Chris “the Greek” Karamesines (or should there be 92? “I had so much going on at the time, I really wasn't scrutinizing my credit cards all that well, and Ron figured this out right away when I didn't ask how he put 60 gallons for gas in the tow car. In 1961, famed actor and drag racing legend "TV" Tommy Ivo rolled out a creation that would become one of, if not the greatest exhibition vehicle of all time. He builds a two-engine dragster that set a number of records. Tommy becomes the most ambitious drag racer in the nation, building his own cars becoming the first driver to pilot his dragsters to 170 than 180 miles per hour on gas, and first to dip into both the 7s and 5s on fuel. If not, well, it's going to be a longer wait for you guys; sorry 'bout that.In the meantime, you also can check out my columns today and next Friday on the NationalDragster.net site, My Favorite Fuelers, featuring, respectively, Jerry Ruth and Shirley Muldowney. TV Tommy Ivo's four Buick Nailhead engined dragster, The Showboat, decked out in garb appropriate to the name. “The car was booked solid, and all I had to do was make three tire-smoking runs to fulfill the contracts,” said Pellegrini. "TV" Tommy Ivo & His 1960s "Four " Engine " 4 WD " "Showboat" Dragster PHOTO ! It had a dropped front axle and bicycle wheels, a partially enclosed engine (leaving the blower and blower scoop exposed), and enclosed slicks (without wheel covers or skirts). Ivo had never met Pellegrini or seen him before and was in for a surprise when he did. Try as he might, we were never able to line up at the same time, but that's another story open for interpretation. It's also highly unlikely that I'll be able to put together a column quickly for Jan. 3, but who knows? Ivo had the four-engine car built in his two-car garage in Burbank, Calif., for about $4,000. All logos and images are reserved. 1971 - TV Tommy Ivo's last Front Engine Top Fuel Dragster Although this was Ivo's most swoopy Front Engine Dragster, the new rear-engine dragster technology (spearheaded by the one Garlits *built) was taking over - faster and safer. 'TV' Tommy Ivo's four-engine dragster - posted in TNFs Archive: Any idea when he first started to race this 4 engine dragster? TV TOMMY IVO SIGNED NHRA RISLONE VTG JET DRAGSTER RARE DRAG RACING PHOTO. “Only people that have the good fortune to find an Aladdin's Lamp get three wishes. IN. Master chassis builder Kent Fuller did the framework for $15 an hour, Buick supplied the four engines, each with a displacement of 464 cubic inches (1,856 total), and a host of suppliers (led by Iskenderian and Weiand) gave him free parts. Ivo got his first — and for 20 years, his only — ride in the car at the old San Gabriel track because of an oversight: They forgot to put the seatbelts into the car. GMP 1:18 T V TOMMY IVO SHOWBOAT 4 ENGINE DRAGSTER. Jan 4, 2014 - Visit the post for more. Jan 4, 2014 - Visit the post for more. When his family relocated to Los Angeles from Denver, Tommy had the opportunity to get into show business. The Don Wallace Collection. Videoliner is a streamliner slingshot dragster, built for "TV Tommy" Ivo.. History. “Pellegrini is the only guy in the world with a ‘longer’ face than Fred Gwynne. Pellegrini ran the car for the 1961, '62, and '63 seasons, running at least once a week. Buick Cars Nhra Drag ... “TV Tommy” Ivo’s 4 Engine Dragster. See more ideas about dragsters, drag racing, drag cars. Ask any 500 Tommy Ivo fans which of his many, many race cars is his most famous, and it’s a pretty safe bet that 495 of them will say it’s his wild four-engine Showboat. “They all say they ‘burned their gloves.' This ’55 Chevy was basically scrap metal before. The four-engine car used one gallon of gas a run — and the other 37 gallons went where? Garlits appeared that night at the track with his trusty black steed to lay down the challenge. UNITED STATES - MARCH 09: Tommy Ivo With Dragster. Discover (and save!) Shannon: You need to be a part of a contest for one of the greatest b .. AdamXVaksman: Many thanks for finally talking about >HILARIOUS !!! Ivo, who started racing a couple years prior, took up the challenge in 1960 with his twin-engine dragster, a car that not only set records (first to 170 mph, first to 180 mph, and first gas-powered dragster in the 8s, according to Ivo) but also attracted the attention of crowds across the country. The muse may strike me. Tommy Ivo 4 Engine Dragster. The Buicks proved extremely reliable but can you imagine working with 32 pistons, 96 rings, 64 valves and 128 valve keepers? As with all my blogs, pictures and links. With four Buick engines snorting at once and driving all four wheels, it was an unforgettable sight. Four fuel-injected 402s powered his four-wheel-drive vehicle named Showboat. Pellegrini, second from right next to Ivo — you can see the height difference that Pellegrini mentions — as he took possession of the Showboat. “I took the car directly to Minnesota Dragway, never having driven the car, for a booked-in appearance. Build Your Own Car Hauler From A Toronado! (Don't take any tips from Ron on the stock market!!!). Visit the post for more. Promoters were forever asking Pellegrini to match race the car against other competition, but he knew that the car just wasn’t built for speed and perhaps was losing some of its popularity; Ivo agreed and sold the car after the 1963 season to McCourry, who ran the car (and later had Tom Hanna make a Buick station wagon body for the car, renamed the Wagon Master) for the next five years before selling it to Norm Day. Ivo promised a steady income if Prudhomme took the car on tour, but, according to Ivo, Prudhomme’s then-girlfriend (and soon-to-be wife) Lynn “put the kibosh” on him heading east for another summer tour. And that was really my one and only ride until I got it back again in 1982 to run it for my 30th anniversary and last match race tour.”, After McCourry, Pellegrini was offered the ride and says he flew out to California to pick up the car. your own Pins on Pinterest Ivo’s 2-engine dragster paved the way for the 4-engine car and helped solve many of the mechanical issues. Back home, his show business experience told him"If they like … These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The engines on the left side of the car faced backwards and powered the front differentiaL — which featured a reverse ring gear, originally engineered for the four-wheel-drive Novi Indycars, to make it run 'backwards” — and the right-side engines powered the rear differential. Ivo and Pellegrini (and RP's ponytail) today; still pals. C $19.07. But that wasn’t enough. A blog devoted to the postwar culture of custom cars and hot rods, especially in SoCal, with room for kindred. Always the showman, Ivo pioneered promotional techniques that are today taken for granted. “Well, we also did ‘break’ the 180-mph barrier on gasoline at two different tracks as well,” he said, enjoying the pun. 1 bid. ), 50 years, 10 manufacturers, 84 body styles: A guide to Pro Stock diversity, Yuichi Oyama. • 1972, when Ivo brought out his first rear-engine dragster – again another record breaker, the first into the 5s. It took six men and a small boy to get the motors out of the car as a package of two and then split them, and I didn't even see a chain hoist in Pellegrini's place strong enough to do that.”. Not content to go out with a whimper, Ivo climbed back into the car at the 1982 World Finals at Orange County Int’l Raceway, stuffed about a dozen pillows into the cockpit to cushion him, and made his final pass. Ivo and Prudhomme ready to head out with the twin for the 1960 tour. Auction Lot S152, Kissimmee, FL 2020. Prudhomme drove the car locally but only pocketed $25 (plus expenses) of the car’s $500 booking fee. With four Buick “nailhead” V8 engines, Ivo’s all-wheel drive dragster was a monster that he named the “Showboat”. As I shared here in a previous column, that was the year that Ivo took his first tour of the country with his side-by-side twin-Buick-engine dragster and an eager young crewman named Don Prudhomme in tow. Pre-Owned. “And the half-full glass for me in this whole thing is that with the gypsy in my soul that made the bottom of my feet itch every six months, and I had to go somewhere, and [not continuing to drive the car] gave me the time to barnstorm the world, from one corner of the globe to the other, for all these years after my forced retirement from drag racing. sold as is winner pays s&h in cont usano reserve from I wanted to go out with some dramatic flair,” he explained. Hollywood movie and television star began campaigning a twin-engine Buick dragster in the 1950s and was the first to reach 160, 170, and 180 mile-per-hour. A fe .. PeiDMichalke: Your personal style is incredibly unique as compared to othe .. Josefina: Give it a shot guys, you've got nil to lose! And I am completely convinced that the dreaded four-engine car had a heavy hand in making that happen. Still, in its various incarnations, it was undoubtedly one of the drag racing world's most popular and enduring cars.”. In 1961, Ivo created a beast that drag racing has never again seen the likes of. Jan 10, 2021 - Explore Greg N's board "Tommy Ivo", followed by 104 people on Pinterest. “Real rats, with long tails … although they both have beady little eyes, especially when I did something ‘Swampie’ didn't like — which was most of the time.” < Ivo-type grin>). Tom talked about connecting all four motors together but never followed up on it as he started fuel racing. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. “His shop consisted of a small front counter sales room and a decent-sized shop in the rear where they outfitted getaway cars for the Cicero thugs of the era. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 1960's DRAG RACING-Tommy Ivo, Vintage NHRA. “We walked through the door of his shop and there stood Herman Munster!” Ivo recalled. Who knows what would have happened if all four motors were connected together?”, (Pellegrini got a chance to get even with Ivo — as Ivo sees it — for the cylinder-head swap on the twin. The 1961 tour was an eye opener for me as there was no format to follow. Ivo air-quoted “working on the car” because, other than cleaning up the car between weekends, they didn’t have to actually do a lot of work on the car, as it seldom broke. Industrial chain couplers were used to tie each pair of engines together. Doctor Ivo Robotnik, better known by his alias Doctor Eggman, is a human mad scientist and the main antagonist of the series. With four Buick “nailhead” V8 engines, Ivo’s all-wheel drive dragster was a monster that he named the “Showboat”. See more ideas about dragsters, drag racing, car humor. Chapters ... Ivo’s 2-engine dragster paved the way for the 4-engine car and helped solve many of the mechanical issues. Because I was taller than Tom, my head stuck out above the rollbar, and I had to drive the car with no shoes as I could not get my size 12s on the pedals. Article from alk3r.wordpress.com “TV Tommy” Ivo’s 4 Engine Dragster. “McCourry's back grew a big yellow streak down it, and he didn't want to hear any of it. It’s a curious lament that Ivo must sing whenever he talks about the car, but it's one that he has accepted over time and one about which both he and Pellegrini were happy to share the details with me. Jan 22, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Frank Neith. Discover (and save!) KUSTOM KAR KULTURE. The Twin Buick also was the first gas dragster to record speeds of 170, 175 and 180 mph which were Standard 1320 records as well. Although he seldom drove it and his driving career ended with a huge bump in the road, he’s still glad he built the iconic machine. Ivo's commitments wouldn't allow him to … The car was a dream to drive, but due to weight transfer, it would not smoke the rear tires. Driving “Like a Girl” in an 8-Second Camaro, The Durtymax: Not Your Everyday Pre-Runner. Ivo’s 2-engine dragster paved the way for the 4-engine car and helped solve many of the mechanical issues. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Tommy Ivo GMP 4 Engine Dragster Diecast Showboat 1/18 at the best online prices at eBay! We sell Toy soldiers (Metal and Plastic), Model Kits, games and other hobby related items. tommy ivo's 4 engine showboat model car kit. Tommy Ivo’s FOUR Engine Powered AWD Dragster was Quite the Monster - ThrottleXtreme. The "TV" Tommy Ivo Top Fuel Dragster. 400 x 286 jpeg 32kB. So he hired his crewman, Prudhomme, giving him his first starring role (or, possibly, as Ivo sometimes tells it, a chance to be his “test pilot” in the wild, new machine). 31st July 2009 25 Comments. Designed by Steve Swaja, Videoliner used a Frank Huzar chassis and aluminum body built by Bob Sorrell. But, in the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction department, “TV Tommy” actually only got to drive his signature car about a dozen times two decades apart. 1:18 scale diecast. Knowing that Ivo would be far from his Southern California base, Pellegrini offered his Chicago-area speed shop (Speed Craft, located in Maywood, Ill.) as a base and a haven, and Ivo gratefully accepted. Jan 4, 2021 - Explore sam stoltz's board "tommy ivo", followed by 298 people on Pinterest. Ask any 500 Tommy Ivo fans which of his many, many race cars is his most famous, and it’s a pretty safe bet that 495 of them will say it’s his wild four-engine Showboat.
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